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Every day, HUNDREDS of your most VALUABLE potential sponsors are signing deals with
nonprofits hoping to have a real impact, look good to their customers, and inspire their employees.

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Every Year...


Question is…

Why aren’t they signing sponsorship deals with YOU?
And whether you want a sponsorship deal to boost your event profile or revenue, or you’re shopping for a sponsor for a specific program, the success of that program or your event rests heavily on your answer to these questions…
Do you know without a doubt that you are chasing too many dead-end leads?

Do you fear you have an unrealistic sponsorship revenue target in your current budget that you’re worried about hitting (or you’ll have to cut programs)?

Does your current sponsorship program tactics feel random-at-best and your team doesn’t have the confidence or polish to win the kind of sponsorship deals you want?

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Whether you're an individual passionate about Charities or a Large Non-Profit Organization, we can help youWho Charity Sponsorship Lab is for



Never stop learning. Whether you're looking to advance your career in non-profits or help your organization grow, our unique curriculum has all of the resources you need to maximize your impact on the work that you do.


Are you looking to beat your organization's fundraising goals within your chapter? Our time-tested techniques will help you focus your time and develop a roadmap to reach your full fundraising potential.


If you're looking to achieve sustainable fundraising growth, having your entire organization focused and working together on a single mission with the same mentality is vital. Our Labs will help train your Chapters and Individuals to win sponsorships and generate more revenue for your organization.


Charity Sponsorship Lab Courses


Private Members Area 

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Staff support (M-F)
  • Peer support


Office Hours

  • Five live “office hours” group conference calls.


Expert Review of One Sponsorship Proposal

  • Rachel will dedicate one hour to reviewing and editing your most recent sponsorship proposal


  • A repeatable system for winning the sponsorships that work for you
  • A killer proposal that can be easily edited and customized for your top target sponsors
  • A way to immediately stop chasing dead-end leads
  • A list of assets that distinguish you from every other nonprofit
  • A sponsorship agreement template with the provisions that matter most to you

The Instructor

Rachel Kubicki

Rachel Kubicki has over 20 years experience in helping nonprofits and businesses succeed. With a focus on revenue generation, marketing, and organizational training and development, she has helped hundreds of people who are helping others through their missions. She has provided event strategy, sponsorship and fundraising counsel to dozens of nonprofit organizations. Previously to starting ACG,Inc. in 2009, Rachel worked for six years with the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF).


In an attempt to impact as many people as possible, she partnered with Wiley Publishing to release her first book, Banding Together for a Cause: Proven Strategies for Revenue and Awareness Generation. The book provides key insights, lessons learned from the LIVESTRONG wristband campaign, and examines how other organizations can find similar success.

Rachel has made it her life's work to assist non-profit organizations with their fundraising and outreach programs by making them more efficient and effective. Rachel is a graduate of Purdue University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and her Masters in Business Administration from St. Edward's University. Rachel lives in Austin, Texas.

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About Us

ACG, Inc.

ACG, Inc. specializes in nonprofit fundraising solutions. We focus on revenue and awareness generation. This includes high-level nonprofit fundraising strategies or tactical solutions for events and development campaigns. We also provide assistance for board development and cause marketing campaigns–for the charity or corporation looking to make a positive impact.

Our services include:

  • Fundraising strategy
  • Partnership development and activation plans
  • Sponsorship development and activation plans  
  • Marketing
  • Branding/Brand strategy
  • Event strategy & development
  • Organizational development
  • Speaking engagements

A few of our clients include: Livestrong, Project HOPE, Children’s Miracle Network, The ALS Association, Make-A-Wish, The Pink Agenda, and more…

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